Arbor Park

Arbor Park Transforming Classrooms with Technology

The way learning and teaching is being done in classrooms across the world is changing. It has become interactive, connected and filled with more access to information than anytime in our history. Technology has become an integral part of the modern classroom and the Arries are front and centre in the tech game.

Virtual classroom

For over 4 Years Arbor Park has been leading the way with using technology in the classroom. It all started with one digital, interactive whiteboard and shortly after one was installed in every classroom. The interactive whiteboards are coupled with school-wide WiFi. This has brought a world of limitless possibilities to teaching. It is more than a teaching aid. The interactive whiteboards are extensions of the information super highway of the global repository of knowledge.

On the 2nd of February the second phase of technology integration starts with comprehensive¬†training of all staff by leading virtual-classroom experts for¬†Arbor Park‘s launch of the iPad stations. While many schools use tablets as a replacement for textbooks (which is great for the weight of the kid’s school bags) Arbor Park is fully integrating the iPad stations into their cutting edge interactive teaching methods.

“The wonder of the iPad is not in replacing text books.¬†It¬†enables endless opportunities to create hands-on, customizable learning experiences with powerful creative tools. Reach more students with apps and books geared to any level or subject. Develop our own interactive materials and then organise and deliver our lessons with iTunes U. We are leading the way interactive learning is happening at Arbor Park. We believe in the power of technology to transform classrooms!”¬†

-Mrs P de Jager. Principal. 


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